My Valentine and the Cupid Shuffle 5K

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Whether single or in a relationship, this has always been my favorite holiday. I just love the idea of love…*sigh*

I love the heart-shaped balloons, the adorable teddy bears, the chocolate, and the flowers. But most of all, I love the fact that anything can happen on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to express your love for someone–whether it’s a crush, a friend, or someone you’ve been married to for 50 years!

16665952_10155918203708228_5715648938234742358_oThis Valentine’s Day was extra special because I had a great person to share it with. A little over a year ago, my mom’s cousins out in Texas decided to play matchmaker. Little did they know, Nick happens to share my love of dogs, Sandra Bullock movies, sitcoms, running, and ice cream. More importantly, we share the same beliefs and values.

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, Nick’s work sponsored the Cupid Shuffle 5K in Lumberton, Texas. I drove in from Louisiana on Friday and stayed up late making a pink, red, and white tutu for the occasion.

The 5K was held at Lumberton City Park the next morning. That week, the flu had been going around my family, and I’d had fever, runny nose, and a cough myself. My plan was to walk the race, but once I got out there with the crowd of people, my competitive side kicked in. I ran the entire thing with a time of 28–a whole three minutes slower than Nick (and my previous 5K time), but not bad considering.16422649_1685139921783129_6774431180354357117_o

After the race, there were snacks, a DJ, and a video game truck. Nick and I played Super Smash Brothers, and I walked my chihuahua around to visit with everyone (Stu is a social butterfly). And then, of course, we did the Cupid Shuffle.

This year I got to enjoy Valentine’s weekend doing what I love with someone I love. It was the perfect way to celebrate my favorite holiday!


Wanted: Prince Charming

While sorting through some old notebooks tonight, I fumbled upon an amusing personal ad I wrote a couple years ago. Since it still rings true today, I thought it was worth sharing:

Shy brunette seeks single bachelor in his 20’s. Must love dogs. High school degree required, bachelor’s preferred. The ideal candidate will be tall, thin, and athletic. Kindness, respect, and generosity are musts. Candidate must be Christian, humble, and not clingy.

Applicants who participate in smoking, drinking, clubbing, promiscuity, or related activities will not be considered. Before being selected, applicants will undergo a social media check (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Interviews will be conducted at Starbucks over coffee. Interviewee must be able to cover his own transportation and expenses (plus mine). Use of any 4-letter word, crude gesture, or snide remark may result in your application being rejected.

Desired qualifications: musical talent, athletic abilities, 6-pack, interesting talents or hobbies, nice family, cooking skills, computer skills (the ability to fix my computer when needed).

Duties will include buying me dinner, taking me to movies, treating me to ice cream, walking with me at the park, listening to my ideas and offering input, and telling me I’m beautiful. On occasion, candidate may be needed to act as a personal bodyguard. Candidate will be responsible for planning and executing fun and creative date ideas.

This listing is part of a career progression series. If candidate fulfills duties, he may be eligible for promotion to fiancee.

Please send resume, love letter, and links to 3 social media sites to This position will remain open until ideal candidate is chosen.

Cori is an equal opportunity dater.

My break-up playlist

When you’ve just gotten your heart broken, listen to this (and stay away from those sappy love songs!):

  1. Before He Cheats, by Carrie Underwood
  2. Tornado, by Little Big Town
  3. You Lie, by The Band Perry
  4. A Little Bit Stronger, by Sarah Evans
  5. I Hope it Rains, by Jana Kramer
  6. Cheater, Cheater, by Joey and Rory
  7. Jar of Hearts, by Christina Perri
  8. I’m a Keeper, by The Band Perry
  9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, by Miranda Lambert
  10. Good Girl, by Carrie Underwood
  11. Undo It, by Carrie Underwood
  12. Done, by The Band Perry
  13. Trailer For Rent, by Pistol Annies
  14. Baggage Claim, by Miranda Lambert
  15. Redneck Crazy, by Tyler Farr

And last but not least, my personal favorite: Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert! Download, sing along, drink some wine, and go find someone who actually deserves you 🙂

5 easy steps to get over someone

  1. Cry. It’s your initial reaction, so just go with it. Why do we always try to suppress tears? Whether they’re tears of joy, tears from laughter, or tears of sadness, we always try to stop them from flowing. And what for, so we won’t smudge our mascara?! Never be ashamed to feel emotion. I believe that it’s much easier to wear your heart on your sleeve than bottle up your feelings–plus, others will admire your transparency.
  2. Run. Lace up those sneakers and run away from the pain. Run as far as you need to. When you can’t feel the pain anymore (or when the physical pain has taken precedence over the emotional), head home and proceed to step 3.
  3. Indulge in back-to-back romantic comedies while drowning your sorrows in ice cream. The wonderful–though perhaps unrealistic–relationships depicted in the movies will renew your sense of hope that true love exists. And that maybe someday, out of the blue, you’ll bump into someone on the street and your very own predictable, adorable romantic plot will unfold from there. In the meantime, at least you’ve got this pint of ice cream.
  4. Listen to music–but not love songs. From Survivor to I Will Survive, there are lots of songs out there that speak to the strong, independent woman. I personally enjoy Miranda Lambert’s album Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She’s sitting on her front porch with a shotgun and a cigarette. And to think, I thought I was crazy!
  5. Find a creative outlet. Writing, drawing, music, photography…so many possibilities. These provide distraction from a break-up (or a crush gone terribly wrong). But eventually they become more important than the thing they were distracting you from. You’ll find yourself caring less about that person, and more about your art. Prove to yourself that you can create something beautiful, and you’ll inspire others as well.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I’m that hopeless romantic who loves to go to the Hallmark shop and pore over every single adorable pink-and-red, heart-shaped card–even if I’m single that year (which has been the case for about 90% of my years). I can’t help it, I love the concept of love. I love the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, the balloons, the roses, the valentines, the fact that everything is pink…I even love the little bears with magnetic lips. Valentine’s Day is more than just a day for girls to get spoiled by their boyfriends or husbands. For me, it’s a day that anything can happen.

For single ladies, Valentine’s Day is the day we hope a secret admirer will send flowers to our doorstep. We hope we’ll run into someone on the street and go on a wild goose chase to find that person, the rest of the day mapping out like the plot of some cheesy yet likable romantic comedy. We hope that special guy will finally confess his love.

Now you think I’m nuts. All you’ve ever heard from single girls on this holiday is “I hate Valentine’s day!” or “This is just a Hallmark holiday.” These girls are probably trying to draw attention to the fact that they’re single (hint, hint…). It’s impossible to hate a holiday. No one hates Labor Day or Thanksgiving. So, gentlemen, I encourage you to take this opportunity to tell that lady how you feel on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve been dating for years, you’ve been friends for years, or you just bumped shoulders on the street, it’s the perfect opportunity.