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Who am I?

My name’s Cori, and I have multiple passions: writing, running, health, and travel. When I’m not busy working as a health inspector, you can find me running a 5K, hiking, or taking a road trip somewhere. I enjoy the simple things in life—Golden Girls reruns, trips to the park, hot herbal tea, good music, and afternoons spent in coffee shops.

I have a biology degree from Centenary College, where I participated in NCAA Women’s Swimming and worked as a writing tutor. I also have my master’s in kinesiology and health studies.

Forever 22 is my place to share my musings about running, health, love, life, and the adventures of my twenties. I hope you can relate to what I have to say, whether you’re 22, 92, or any age between.

Thanks for reading 🙂


8 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Cori! I have enjoyed looking over your blog. I tip my hat to any and all triathlete’s!! Training for that event is no joke. I have never gone Fly Fishing but it looks fun. Is it easy to get into?


    • Hey Jared, thanks for reading! Triathlons are not easy, but they’re well worth the hard work. Fly fishing isn’t too hard to get into if you can find a club to join, attend some workshops, and read fishing blogs and books. 🙂 I go with my dad, who is a fishing connoisseur, haha.

      • Welcome Cori!! They are a ton of work from what I hear. That sounds like a lot of work to go fishing!! LOL

        People that do it seem to love it, and I am sure having a Dad who knows his stuff helps a ton!!

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