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Louisiana running girl

Check out the personal running/blog site I built for my web design class this semester. The name was my professor’s idea; he thought it was cool that I run half-marathons and such, and he and his wife are about to get into running themselves. Here’s a link to my site:


Of course, since it’s free to have a blog on WordPress, I will continue to write on here (I only purchased my domain for a few months). It was neat to create my own site though, and it’s something I wish to continue doing. I did all the html coding for the site myself. My professor taught us how to understand the language of coding, so my site was built without the help of Dreamweaver or any other drag-and-drop program.

If you’d like someone to build your website for free (or for a modest fee, as I am a poor grad student) please comment or contact me! I’d love to get more practice and experience with web design.



4 thoughts on “Louisiana running girl

  1. Thanks for liking my post on Discovering the Rainbows! I love your enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. Good luck with your race in January – here’s a dream for you – to run the Comrades Marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in South Africa sometime. You may be a poor grad student now but I have a feeling from your post that you will succeed in whatever you do, purely from your enthusiastic response to life. God bless you

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