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Happy 2015!


Me & Livi at our country superfest

If the saying time flies when you’re having fun is true, it would certainly explain why 2014 went by so fast, and why I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my blog! My new year resolution for 2014 was to run a marathon. Which I did 🙂 But many other noteworthy events occurred this past year as well.

In January I started my job at the law office. In February I helped my parents move and said goodbye to the house I grew up in. In March I started talking to a friend of my friend’s boyfriend, who my friend decided would be a good match for me. In April we had our first date (we’ve been together for 8 months now!). In May my best friend and I got tickets for Bayou Country Superfest and spent three days hearing our favorite country stars.

Camping at Clear Springs

Camping at Clear Springs

In June I turned 24 (I can’t believe it!!!). In July I took a class at a medical college and observed hours of surgical procedures right there in the operating room. In August I applied for–and got accepted to–graduate school. In October I ran the Dirty South Marathon and tried backpacking for the first time. In November I drove to North Carolina and spent time with my brothers and sister-in-law. In December I went camping with my love in Mississippi. To finish off the year, I had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with family, decorating trees, and watching plenty of Christmas movies.



There were also a few runs, a couple triathlons, some hikes, several game nights, movie nights, date nights, road trips, and other special moments that made this year fun.


Backpacking 101

I ended 2014 with my car breaking down on me the morning of New Year’s eve. This didn’t actually make for a bad way to end the year. Within seconds of my car stopping, multiple people pulled over to help me. The tow truck and the friend I called for a ride both showed up within 30 minutes’ time. The dealership hooked me up with a free rental car–a brand new Ford Explorer–and the staff at Enterprise joked and talked with me. I was able to make it to work by 11 and go on with my New Year’s plans. Thanks to the kind and friendly people who helped me that day, I ended the year on a good note after all.


Me & my love 🙂


Camping in Hot Springs

So far, 2015 has been busy. And it’s looking like it will stay that way. The first week of the year has been filled with spending time with my love, working, and interviewing for a GA position. Next weekend I’ll run the 5K at the Louisiana Marathon. Then my graduate school will begin, and hopefully a student job or a job close to school (fingers crossed!). My only New Year’s resolution is to succeed at these endeavors, maintain good health, and do my best every day.


Me & my sister in North Carolina

Here are some pictures from 2014!


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