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Summer Fun

I’ve neglected my blog for the last few months, so here’s a quick blurb to catch up. I’ve been working as a receptionist/legal assistant until I can find a job in my field of interest, or go back to school next year for a master’s. In addition to the job and the job search, I took a couple of classes at a medical college this summer.

One of my classes, Surgical Observation, was particularly awesome. I was able to observe 30 hours of surgery–right there in the operating room. I saw all kinds of procedures, from knee replacements to open heart surgery. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

I only did two races this summer–the Indian Creek Triathlon and the Zoo Zoom 5K. The Indian Creek Tri was my first co-ed tri, as well as my first open-water swim tri. The competition was intimidating, because everyone had racing bikes, tri-suits, and other fancy gear which I can only dream of being able to afford someday. That being said, I managed to come out 9th overall in the swim. And though I didn’t place, I didn’t come in dead last either. Which was great! 😀 After all, I don’t run races to win; I do them for the fun, fitness, and sportsmanship.

The Indian Creek Tri takes place in Woodworth, Louisiana, at the Indian Creek recreation area. It’s one of the most beautiful triathlon courses in Louisiana. It takes place in June, so it’s a bit hot…but the water is perfect, and after the race you can go enjoy the beach area. And don’t worry about the alligators–they won’t bother you. 😉 You can even camp out the night before and make a whole weekend out of it! I definitely encourage my fellow triathletes to add this race to their bucket list: http://www.indiancreektriathlon.com/

The Zoo Zoom 5K is a great race, but it takes place in the middle of August in south Louisiana, making it extra challenging. I’d argue that it’s easier to run a half-marathon on a cool, dry day than it is to run a 5K when it’s 90 degrees with 60% humidity. But regardless, I managed to finish the race in under 30 minutes. Thank goodness my next race–a full marathon–takes place in October!

Speaking of summer heat, check out my latest article on Plum Deluxe about staying safe in the sun: http://www.plumdeluxe.com/5-steps-to-safer-sun-protection

I didn’t take a vacation this summer, but I’ve enjoyed plenty of hiking, kayaking, and swimming on weekend road trips. How was your summer? 🙂


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