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Choosing my first marathon

This weekend, I spent a good bit of time researching races taking place in Louisiana in 2014. I was planning to register for a triathlon, but I want to try an open-water swim. And considering the unusually cold winter we’ve had (with about five snow/ice days so far), an open-water-swim tri this spring would be pretty darn miserable.

So I decided to hold off on tri registration and ended up looking for a marathon to do. I’ve been planning to do one this year, but a strained IT band has prevented me from doing much training. Turns out, there are only a few Louisiana marathons left for the rest of the year! Of those, two are too soon for me to prepare for. The other has an outrageous registration fee. So it seems fate has directed me to the Dirty South Marathon in West Monroe this October.

A few cool things about this marathon: 1.) It’s in the town where the Duck Dynasty guys live, so maybe–just maybe–I can run with the Robertsons 🙂 2.) The proceeds go to the St. Jude’s children’s hospital, 3.) The course is beautiful, 4.) About 2000 runners are expected! 5.) This will be West Monroe’s first time hosting a marathon, 6.) Race day is October 12th, the same exact date that I ran my first half marathon last year; it’s my lucky day!

Basically, this marathon is perfect for me and I absolutely can’t wait. T-minus seven months. Let the training begin!


2 thoughts on “Choosing my first marathon

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. Thankfully my IT band has healed and hasn’t given me any trouble. Let’s hope it stays that way 🙂

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