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My dating standards

  1. A laid-back personality. There is nothing I hate more than someone yelling–at me, at other people, or just yelling over a football game or something stupid like that. My guy can absolutely not be short-tempered. If there’s one thing I won’t tolerate in a relationship, it’s someone picking fights, starting debates, and getting worked up over petty things.
  2. Kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and caring. Not just towards me, but towards other people. Especially the poor, hungry, and powerless. They say your character is how you treat those who can’t do anything for you. My perfect man should have great character.
  3. Sweet and affectionate to me. And only me. I can’t stand guys who flirt with everyone. He shouldn’t give me any reason to doubt the relationship or feel jealous. It’s that whole trust thing.
  4. Crazy about me–but not literally. Sure, I want someone who wants to spend all our time together and is always thinking about me. But sometimes guys overdo it. They become obsessed: calling ten times a day, sending text after text even when I don’t respond (“hey”, “what are you doing?”, “Helloooo?”, “????”, “r u alive?”), wanting me to give them all my time and energy. The ideal guy will not develop an unhealthy obsession with me.
  5. Open-minded to my faith. I’m not too picky when it comes to religion. I’m Catholic, but I won’t try to convert whoever I date. I just ask that they do the same. Like, don’t question what I believe or try to convince me that organized religion is wrong. I want to get married in the church, and if, when the time comes, he isn’t willing to go along with that simple request, maybe he’s not the right one after all.
  6. Tasteful. Not just in the movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the clothes they wear. But also in their behavior and rhetoric. I find foul language extremely distasteful. My ideal won’t be obnoxious, foul-mouthed, listen to the likes of Miley Cyrus or Chris Brown, like idiotic films like The Hangover, or drive around with rims and a deafening muffler. Bleh!
  7. Fun to talk to. A pet peeve of mine is when a guy texts or IMs me and doesn’t bother to form complete thoughts or sentences. I have no interest in texting someone who sends me the following messages: Wyd?, Hey, Sup, How r u? Is it really that hard to type out a whole word?! And if I text you something and you reply “whatever”…oh no. That word is so rude and lazy. I’m a writer, I like words. Use your words!!
  8. On the same wavelength as me. I can only connect with someone if we think alike when it comes to what really matters in life. For example, if a guy is driven by money and power, he won’t mesh with me because I value the simple joys in life (which are usually free).
  9. Humble. It seems like a lot of guys I know are conceited and arrogant. They always talk about themselves, and never fail to mention how many degrees they have, how much money they make, how many girls they’re going out with. Newsflash: I’m not impressed by any of it.
  10. Then there are the usual things: must love dogs, athletic, sense of humor, no drugs, within 5 years of my age, honest, loyal, not a player. And the deal-breakers: bad hygiene, immaturity, frat boy, judgemental, overly suggestive.

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