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Who are you?

This morning I stumbled upon a wonderful blog by a lady named Dee, who seems to be very spiritually in-touch. In her “About me” post, she says: 

“By the way, my heart is where I really live. It is the place where I am the truest me. My circumstances, experiences, careers, relationships, and possessions do not define who I am…they are blessings, fruits and extensions.. another of the valuable lessons i have learned along the journey.” http://deeclarknz.com/about-2/

This statement struck me, because I feel exactly the same way. When someone tries to get to know you, they typically ask the same questions: What do you do for a living? Where are you from? Are you married/dating? What did you study in school? Etc., etc… I, for one, am sick of answering these questions. Maybe it’s because the answers are a little unsatisfying and don’t give justice to who I am on the inside.

We are so much more than our jobs, our marital status, our education, our salary. In my faith group we discussed a quote that goes something like this: The gateway to life is narrow, not because it is meant to only let a few through, but because we are so vast. Every human on the planet is a vast, extraordinary being, and we shouldn’t rank them based on what they have or don’t have. No individual is more valuable than another.

So instead of getting to know someone by grilling them with the 20 questions, try to discover who they are in their heart, where they are their truest self. They will appreciate you for it.


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