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5 easy steps to get over someone

  1. Cry. It’s your initial reaction, so just go with it. Why do we always try to suppress tears? Whether they’re tears of joy, tears from laughter, or tears of sadness, we always try to stop them from flowing. And what for, so we won’t smudge our mascara?! Never be ashamed to feel emotion. I believe that it’s much easier to wear your heart on your sleeve than bottle up your feelings–plus, others will admire your transparency.
  2. Run. Lace up those sneakers and run away from the pain. Run as far as you need to. When you can’t feel the pain anymore (or when the physical pain has taken precedence over the emotional), head home and proceed to step 3.
  3. Indulge in back-to-back romantic comedies while drowning your sorrows in ice cream. The wonderful–though perhaps unrealistic–relationships depicted in the movies will renew your sense of hope that true love exists. And that maybe someday, out of the blue, you’ll bump into someone on the street and your very own predictable, adorable romantic plot will unfold from there. In the meantime, at least you’ve got this pint of ice cream.
  4. Listen to music–but not love songs. From Survivor to I Will Survive, there are lots of songs out there that speak to the strong, independent woman. I personally enjoy Miranda Lambert’s album Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She’s sitting on her front porch with a shotgun and a cigarette. And to think, I thought I was crazy!
  5. Find a creative outlet. Writing, drawing, music, photography…so many possibilities. These provide distraction from a break-up (or a crush gone terribly wrong). But eventually they become more important than the thing they were distracting you from. You’ll find yourself caring less about that person, and more about your art. Prove to yourself that you can create something beautiful, and you’ll inspire others as well.

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