Wise words from the blogosphere

Lately I’ve been reading a lot on other blogs, seeking wisdom and inspiration from the many talented writers out there. I’m not feeling particularly philosophical this week, so rather than writing something original, I want to share my favorite quotes from other blogs that really resonate with me (and maybe will with you too!):

  • On running. Yes, I feel crazy for signing up for a half-marathon (which is one month away, yikes!), but this running blog reminded me that it’s okay to be a little crazy. Because passion and crazy often go hand-in-hand. And people will always respect you for being passionate about something, whether it’s running, a great cause/organization, career, collecting GI Joes…anything!

What if we stopped there.  We wanted to try something new or achieve a goal not so much for the guts and glory, but just to see if it could be done, but we stop in our tracks because someone said You’re crazy.  Can you imagine if you heard the words You’re passionate, do it.  What a different world this would be. http://11315miles.com/

  • Click the link to this blog and read the rest of the list. Unless you really “have got it together”, this list of advice is for you (so, basically, it’s for all of us who aren’t Barbie or Ken):

Don’t give others the satisfaction of making you love yourself any less. http://waitingfordodo.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/some-advice-i-need-to-keep-telling-myself/

  • What is true beauty? Not perfection, but this. What a lovely thought:

Beauty is displaying all that you are like a canvas splattered with an array of colors. Even though it may look bonkers and deranged, that is why it is beautiful. Beauty is you. Beauty is exhibiting the good, the bad, and the messy.  http://jenuinelife.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/stepping-in-the-beauty-of-vulnerability/

  • On online dating profiles. Ever notice how hard it is to find a normal, decent, genuinely nice guy? It’s like they’re not out there! Which is why this quote is so perfect to me. If I ventured into the world of online dating, I’d probably put this in my bio… 

Normal seeks same. How hard can THAT be, RIGHT???? A bit about me… I’m pretty normal and well-grounded from life’s lessons.  My Energizers are Sun, Water, Music, Workouts… I feed myself with these and then Energize the world. http://datingwhatnot.com/2013/09/12/what-not-to-do-the-worst-online-dating-profile-ever/

  • On love songs. This is by far my favorite dating blog. It’s personal, fun to read, and perfect for strong, independent single ladies who still believe in love.

I want one of those relationships where the two people just adore each other. Where you have nothing but lovely things to say about each other, even if you’ve had a fight. Where words are used carefully because both of you are aware of the scars they can leave and the irreparable damage they can do. Where there is mutual respect and caring. Where both people do things for each other, just because. Where both people feel loved and special. http://27singlesydneyau.wordpress.com/

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