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7 Daily Habits for a Healthier You

  1. Eat breakfast. Within one hour of waking, you need to get some food in your system. Appropriately named, this meal breaks the 8-hour fast that is sleep. It gives you energy, it boosts the metabolism, and it prevents overeating later in the day.
  2. Spend 15 minutes in the sun. This is the perfect amount of time your skin needs to convert cholesterol to vitamin D. Lots of people have vitamin D deficiencies because either A.) they never spend time outdoors, or B.) they never leave the house without slathering on sunscreen. Sunscreen is wonderful, but spending a few minutes in the sun without protection will allow your body to produce much-needed vitamin D.  
  3. Take a multivitamin. Vitamin D isn’t the only vitamin in which many of us are deficient. Considering many staples in the U.S. are processed and refined (such as flour and white rice), we fill up on foods that provide us with little vitamin and mineral content. A complete multivitamin will help fill the gaps in your diet.
  4. Drink a cup of green tea. If you’re reading health blogs, you probably already know about the benefits of green tea (antioxidants being the main one).
  5. Watch the Dr. Oz show. I learn something new every time I watch his show. No need to take notes though; the most important health tips and advice are usually repeated by his various guests. Watching his show consistently will ingrain in you a basic knowledge of health and nutrition. He also informs you of red-flag symptoms that mean it’s time for a visit to your own doctor.
  6. Turn off your computer and TV. And get moving! When I don’t exercise, it’s usually because I was too involved in a TV show or something on Facebook. It’s easy to get engrossed in virtual reality and let the daylight slip away unnoticed. So this one is about self-discipline; just do it. Turn off the distractions, put on your workout gear, and go do something–run, dance, swim, walk around the park, yoga–anything involving movement counts!
  7. Meditate, journal, or take a bubble bath. I’m not going to lie, I got this one from the Dr. Oz show. A feng-shui specialist was speaking to Dr. Oz about how “inner clutter” needs to be cleared from the temple that is our body (much like we clear clutter from our kitchen table). For us writers, journaling our thoughts is a great way to get them out. Once I write something down, my mind moves on to other thoughts. Meditation works a little differently; using a ton of self-discipline, you clear your mind of all thoughts for several minutes. No daydreaming, no to-do lists, no reflecting on past events…just mental silence. When you come out of the meditation, you’ll have forgotten what it was you were so worried about earlier that day, and you’ll be one step closer to inner peace.

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