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The best is yet to come

I went through something of a quarter-life crisis when I turned 21. I realized that after this birthday, there would be no more big (or at least no exciting) milestones. It had always been “13, finally a teenager!” or “16, finally a licensed driver!” or “18, finally an adult!” Then it happened. The birthday I’d always anticipated: 21, when everything becomes legal (except renting a car–why is that?). After that birthday, I had no other birthdays to look forward to. From this point forward, I was simply aging.

You may think I’m crazy for thinking like this, but hear me out–I noticed a marked difference in my birthday messages when I opened my cards on my 22nd birthday. They all read something along the lines of, “Happy birthday! Hope you have many more!” Or in other words, “Have a good day, try not to die this year!” Of course I’m over analyzing, but check your birthday cards and tell me that I’m not right!

I eventually got over my quarter-life crisis with the help of four amazing ladies: Blanche, Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy. The Golden Girls gives a positive perspective on aging in this youth-obsessed culture. These ladies show us that life can still be fun, new, and exciting, even after 80. Just look at all the adventures Sophia gets into. She’s still dating and going to parties. And check out Blanche—proof that you can still look great when you’re over-the-hill. The quarter-life crisis phenomena is real (I didn’t just make this up), and characterized by the feeling that life is over because you’re no longer a teenager or even a college kid, but a full-fledged adult. Of course, I am nostalgic for those high school days. And I’d love to stay in college forever. But the Golden Girls inspire me. I feel like there are more adventures and great friendships yet to come. If anyone else is dreading leaving college behind or turning another year older or going through some life transition, I strongly encourage you to sit down with America’s sweethearts and try not to worry about it. In my personal experience, I’ve found life gets better as it progresses.


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